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Arcadia is a Structured Settlement company in the primary market. They used to be called EPS Settlements Group. According to their website they help resolve conflicts in litigation involving personal injury claims. They have been in business for over 45 years and have settled over 325,000 claims in excess of $40 billion dollars worth of placements in settlements that have been funded thanks to EPS (Now Arcadia Settlements).

The company has over 160 settlement pros in 50 different offices throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands and every state in the USA. Arcadia/EPS also has operations in Canada.

They specialize in the primary market for placing individuals into a structured settlement. If an annuitant decides to factor their future payments then they would work with a company in the secondary market like Annuity Sold.

07May 2016

Looking for an advance loan on your annuity payments? We can get you that loan and money that you are looking for to help you out if you are currently in a tough economic time in your life. What are experts will do is examine your benefits letter and determine how many payments are left […]

07May 2016

The experts here at Annuity Sold are proud to provide you with in depth information for everything annuities. A structured annuity is a financial product that is considered a qualified funding asset. This asset is created for the use of paying out financial compensation for any future damages that may have incurred as a result […]

07May 2016

Internation Game Technlogies is the largest maker of slot machines in the world. They are also more commonly known as IGT and are a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). In many cases throughout the years a patron at a Las Vegas or Atlantic City Casino may have hit the “Jackpot”. […]

09May 2016

Annuity Sold gives back with our scholarship program. If you or a loved one is currently receiving a structured settlement and are either in college now or are looking to attend college then you are eligible for our scholarship program. Writing an essay of at least 2500 words on how receiving a structure settlement has […]

12May 2016

The term “annuity” is actually broad and covers a wide range of options. It is most often described as an investment or a kind of insurance that gives the investor a specified amount of annual sums, thus it is called an annuity plan because it provides annual payouts. An annuity is basically a fixed sum of money […]