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03Oct 2016

Annuities are some of the most popular financial mechanisms available today. At the start of 2016 annuity sales reached a seven-year high. This applies to every type of annuity, though. When you take out one of these you have a big decision to make because there are a variety of options available. You could also […]

21Jun 2016

When you sell structured settlement payments the buyer uses a discount rate to determine what the value of the future payments is today. Due to inflation and the time-value-of-money the sum of your structured payments isn’t worth the same as they are if you were to receive the lump sum at once, today. In order […]

21Jun 2016

Pros Choosing to sell all or part of your structured settlement or annuity payments for a lump sum now has its benefits: It allows you to take care of expensive bills, medical expenses, loans or credit card debt that may be causing you stress in the present moment It gives you the opportunity to buy […]

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