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25Oct 2016

US Annuity Services is a company base din Frederick, Maryland. There current mailing address is: 14 West Patrick Street Suite 210 Frederick, Maryland 21701 According to recent reports they are involved in a few lawsuits over their structured settlement and business practices and the going concern for US Annuity Settlement Services. Do you have a […]

12Sep 2016

Are you receiving calls from this number concerning a structured settlement payment that you may be working on transferring or selling? If so please call the Annuity Sold team today to go over your case.

09May 2016

Annuity Sold gives back with our scholarship program. If you or a loved one is currently receiving a structured settlement and are either in college now or are looking to attend college then you are eligible for our scholarship program. Writing an essay of at least 2500 words on how receiving a structure settlement has […]