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Internation Game Technlogies is the largest maker of slot machines in the world. They are also more commonly known as IGT and are a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

In many cases throughout the years a patron at a Las Vegas or Atlantic City Casino may have hit the “Jackpot”. This jackpot may have consisted of winnings of a million dollars or more. The payments however came structured in a manner similar to the way personal injury victims receive a structured settlement. As time goes on IGT slot machine winners may have decided that they want to sell off their future casino earnings/winnings and use that money for something today.

That solution is facilitated by a company like ours “Annuity Sold” a purchaser of lottery, casino, annuities, and structured settlement payment rights. How it works is we calculate the present day value of your future casino earnings and figure out what it is worth to an investor minus the legal and processing fees for facilitating the transfer through your local court jurisdiction. The process can take less than 60 days at if you need cash now we can facilitate a cash advance to help you with the “Bridge the Gap” money.

If you hit a casino or slot jackpot outside of Nevada or New Jersey please do contact us today as we are able to pay even more for out of state winners starting just this past year.