The experts here at Annuity Sold are proud to provide you with in depth information for everything annuities. A structured annuity is a financial product that is considered a qualified funding asset. This asset is created for the use of paying out financial compensation for any future damages that may have incurred as a result of a personal injury lawsuit, legal issue, or settlement from a plaintiffs claim.

A really intriguing part of structured annuities is how they can be manufactured and created to fit their clients future obligations and financial needs. Payment streams can be variable, fixed, inflation protected, tied to the stock market, and almost every single structured settlement annuity is priced in differently.

Multiple payment income streams as stated above are available and will most likely vary in most contracts. This may mean 10 yearly payments of $175,000 and a lump sum payment of $350,000 at the end of the 10 year term. There are also immediate and deferred elements such as a life contingency to receive the payments versus guaranteed payments.